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EduSerc Expands Leadership Development in Chicago with SAP and Microsoft

After several years of implementing summer programs in Chicago with Northrop Grumman, EduSerc has announced its successful expansion of its own leadership program into the city serving students from public, private and charter schools. High school students have taken to a new type of program that provides technical training, mentoring, and leadership development on days when they are out of school.

Mentoring for Excellence

SAP Fieldglass is the hosting sponsor for the EduSerc affiliate in Chicago and provides industry mentors to help students develop industry projects surrounding their career interest. One of the great things about SAP is that mentoring is not limited to interacting with students in person. Mentors support the program from North Carolina and Tennessee virtually to support the needs of all students in the program.

Learning How To Network

Students in the IPLD program learn how to communicate and develop professional relationships with their mentors. In the November 8, 2018 session, students learned how to network with each other and how to determine the types of people that can help them reach a goal in their network. Students also walked away with various skills to showcase their ability to speak in public for their project presentations as well.

SAP Mentoring Team

Donating time out of their busy schedules, mentors from SAP's Black Employee Network volunteer their expertise and experience to support the industry learning needs of the EduSerc mentees. The background of all of the mentors range from software programming, program management and technical support.

About the EduSerc IPLD Program

EduSerc's Industry Pipeline Leadership Development Program (IPLD) is a national professional leadership and personal enrichment experience that prepares individuals for technical, professional and personal success in prospective careers. This is a multi-year pipeline program that recruits, trains and prepares individuals for their steps toward career success from middle school through college.

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