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Workforce Pipeline Solutions

A National Industry Pipeline Initiative



Workforce Innovators is a pipeline initiative within EduSerc to identify, design, enhance and sustain training-based solutions for corporations to recruit and retain their quality talent. As an educational organization for over 20 years, EduSerc’s core competencies are the development of educational content, technical training and implementation of leadership / mentoring programs. 

As a career and professional development training organization with a growing
network of educators and industry professionals dedicated to industry pipeline growth from K-12 and collegiate environments to Corporate America and the general workforce,  our Workforce Innovators Services yields talent that produce creative and innovative results for their respective industries.

Our main services within Workforce Innovators are:

  • Corporate Leadership / Diversity Consulting

  • Technical and Leadership Development Training

  • Mentor / Mentee Program Development

  • Pipeline Recruitment Investment Programs

  • Educational Benefit Packages for Employees & Their Families


About Workforce Pipeline Solutions
A National Industry Pipeline Initiative

Workforce Solutions Clients

Workforce Pipeline Solutions

Incorporate a customized corporate training program that adequately prepares each candidate walking in the door or enhance the quality of your current hiring practices.

Sample Offerings

  • Communication Techniques

  • Networking Strategies

  • Leadership Development

  • Presentation Skills

  • Management Techniques

  • Mentor-Mentee Programs

Workforce Service Categories

Workforce Service Categories

Consulting Services

Engage our consultants to improve your on-boarding, training, mentoring, diversity or career development needs of your employees.

Training Offerings

Select from a list of technical, managerial and employee training offerings.  EduSerc can customize any level of content and training as needed.

Employee Educational Benefit Programs

Offer additional benefits to your employees to help their personal growth and educational impact for their children.


Contact Us

Reach out to us to schedule a consultation or learn more about our training programs we can design for your corporation or business.

EduSerc Office:  (301) 498-2899


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