Community Impact / Statistics

Over the past 20 years, EduSerc has served around the United States providing career and professional development training and services to youth (K-12) and adults (parents, industry professionals, general public) in a variety of settings.  Whether on college campuses, schools, corporate buildings, youth correctional facilities or EduSerc's conference and training centers, services have been delivered in a number of ways:

EduSerc Statistics (since 1996)
Total Student Impact:  4577

  • Gender:

    • Females: 46% (2105)

    • Males:  54% (2472)

  • Ethnicity:

    • African American: 74% (3387)

    • Asian American 1% (46)

    • Caucasian: 15% (687)

    • Hispanic American: 10% (458)

    • Native American: 0% (0)

EduSerc Offerings (since 1996)

  • Career/PD Conferences:  11

  • After School Programs: 30

  • Summer Program Offerings: 42

  • Parent Workshops: 65

  • Saturday Sessions: 34

  • School Workshops: 210

  • Awards Ceremonies: 5

  • Magazine Offerings: 5

  • Industry Field Trips/Enrichments: 10

Total Student/Parent Impact (since 1996)
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NOTE:  The largest number of students are served through EduSerc's Summer program offerings and school workshops averaging 20 students - 50 students per offering.


DC: 303 students/parents directly served

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