The Workforce Pipeline Development Council (WPDC) is a membership network within EduSerc of corporate, academic and community stakeholders that develops and implements sustainable solutions to build industry pipelines of quality, diverse candidates.


The council serves as a strategic arm for entities looking to increase their return on investment in workforce development while strengthening our country through education and community development.  By joining the council, every member plays a major role as a collaborative partner on a number of education, community and workforce development opportunities. 


Corporate Membership

As EduSerc's corporate membership avenue for businesses, the council’s workforce pipeline enacts a structured model incorporating education, community and industry resources to identify, train and produce quality diverse leaders in a number of industries. 


  • Corporations / Small Businesses

  • Nonprofit Organizations

  • Colleges / Universities



Pipeline Investment Levels

There are four (4) ways to invest in your future pipeline with the WPDC.  Donor, Supporter, Sponsor or Investor.  Becoming a corporate member is a great return on investment.


By joining, the WPDC becomes:

  • Your valuable advocate and strategic tool for your cause in community service

  • Your diversified, community resource management arm of your organization

  • Your community service outlet for your employees to serve the community

  • Your short and long‐term industry investment vehicle in workforce development for your corporation

Workforce Services
Workforce Services

Workforce Innovators Program Talent Acquisition Pipeline Development

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Join the WPDC Benefits of Membership Corporate Directory

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Pipeline Development
Pipeline Development

Talent Acquisition Development Pipeline Development

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Meetings / Conferences
Meetings / Conferences

Networking Events Training Events Pipeline Activtiies

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Membership Benefits
Industry Pipeline Sustainment

Below are a few benefits to joining EduSerc's WPDC. 


  • Customized Talent Acquisition Program Development
    Includes the adoption of activities that concentrate on the customized design, development, implementation and management of industry-training and recruitment initiatives for a short and/or long-term recruitment investment for your company from K-12, College and beyond.


  • Corporate Branding on Sponsored Programs/Products
    Includes regional or national marketing on sponsored curriculum training booklets, industry-learning kits and other program materials promoting career and professional development

  • Virtual Office or Rentals at the EduSerc Convention Center
    Access to facilities and other resources for professional development training, conferences, office use or other activities as a member.