Academic Enrichment / Tutoring

EduSerc's academic training sessions and tutors concentrate on one major focus:  mastery.  Our consultants are far more than tutors.  We attempt to determine the constraints that may be hindering a student's capacity to learn a topic and help them understand, learn, practice and study a topic until they've mastered it.


We offer one-on-one sessions or group-based activities.  Leverage our sessions to help you reach your true potential. 

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Math Tutoring

The Fall Schedule is open for after school and Saturday morning tutoring.  Contact us below to schedule.

One-on-One Tutoring:  $40/hour in 4(2-hour block sessions)

Group Academic Training:  Varies upon number of students.  Contact us to learn more.

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EduSerc's tutoring sessions are far different from most as we take time to understand and analyze your child's learning style before helping them master a subject.  Some of the main reasons why students need tutoring is because of either distractions, interest in the subject or teacher, stress from home or school, negative comments about a topic used as excuses or visual perceptions of the subject altogether.  


EduSerc works to figure these things out and teaches the student "how to learn" using their learning style.  Once this occurs, we can help your child on the pathway to straight A's in all of their classes.  Tutoring begins at $40/hour.


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