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Register your child for 4 sessions at 2 hours/session for your child to help them enhance their academic skills.  EduSerc ensures progress, confidence and results with each 8 hour segment.  Our academic mentors are industry professionals with a training background and understand how to build confidence in students.


We highly request that parents participate in our sessions, so we can show you how to replicate our methods to help your child on a regular basis.  We will assess your child's strengths and weakness before we begin.  However, our main goal is to help them look at academics differently while mastering various skills to earn the grade of an A in any class.


Location will vary based upon consultation with our staff (library, school, etc.).  Contact us at or (301) 498-2899 to discuss details and setup prior to registration for one-on-one tutoring.

Academic Tutoring/Enrichment (8 hours total)

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