EduSerc (pronounced “ej-u-serk”) stands for Educators Serving the Community.  EduSerc, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization, dedicates itself to the development and advancement of youth, adults and the community across the nation.  Founded in 1996, the focus of the organization is to build an infrastructure of resources to strategically and creatively address needs in the community that involve education.


EduSerc’s primary directive and core capability is career and professional development.  Through our network of corporate and community resources, EduSerc leverages partnerships to streamline community service efforts and enhance the value of corporate initiatives that benefit young people.


The members of the organization are a mixture of college students, young professionals, business employees and business owners.  EduSerc's initiatives and programs are designed to expose its members talents and education and to highlight them as role models for the community.

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About Us


Our mission is to build an infrastructure of resources to strategically and creatively address needs in the community that involve education.


Our vision is to inspire a new paradigm in education that simpliies how we learn, redefines how we understand things and enhances the value we receive from all aspects of life.


Programs / Services

EduSerc designs, creates and implements a number of industry enrichment programs and training services for a number of audiences.  Our niche' is in producing curriculums, career and professional training, developing innovative learning kits and programs, industry pipeline consulting.


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The EduSerc Awards
a national red carpet, black-tie ceremony & fundraiser (hosted like the Emmys or the Oscars) that honors the great educational achievements of individuals, educators, organizations and companies and promotes a positive image for educators in our country.
Young Innovators Magazine
A career and professional development publication for youth and adults
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About the Founder

Training on Roller Coaster Design

Training on Roller Coaster Design

As an engineer, Brian K. Smith builds roller coasters and trains students on the Physics and Math involved.

Training students in Stafford, VA

Training students in Stafford, VA

Brian K. Smith travels around the country to teach youth robotics, electronics and construction

Founder training in culinary arts

Founder training in culinary arts

As a certified food handler and manager, Brian K. Smith teachers culinary skills to middle school students.

Brian K. Smith is the founder of EduSerc and has been serving the community for nearly 25 years.  With his core background in engineering, information technology, and corporate and community leadership, Smith has revolutionized the meaning behind ‘serving the community.’  Influenced from his award winning accomplishments in commercial, corporate, government and military solutions, Smith designed an innovative approach to serving the community and implemented it in the form a corporation with a global focus on community service and workforce development.


EduSerc’s Model is derived from the properties of a magnet to form a natural state of workforce development and sustainability for the community.  This innovative approach is what drives EduSerc’s programs and our initiatives to solve problems in the community.  The effect becomes a strong, attractive method of recycling or leveraging the value of community back to help those in need.


Through our programs and activities through Young Innovators and Workforce Innovators, EduSerc activates its model through its workshops, competitions, training and comprehensive approach to career, professional and workforce development.


Corporate Model
The EduSercular Effect

Board of Directors/Advisors

EduSerc's Board of Directors is made up of working professionals from a varied background of corporate, education and community-based experiences. 


Serving on our Board of Directors means investing in the short and long term growth of your industry. EduSerc’s programs are driven by industry concerns. Therefore, our reach in the community with expertise and input from your industry will be the ingredients for success


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