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Announcing the 2018 EduSerc Awards Winners

EduSerc proudly announced the winners of the 2018 Educators Serving the Community Awards recently hosted at the Warner Theatre in Washington DC. This year's event was glorious and grand on the stage of the infamous Warner Theatre, where recipients traveled as far as Arizona to attend the ceremony to receive recognition.

This year's winners include (from left to right):

  • Amber Wingfield-Loftin Educator Serving the Community Award - Individual

  • Holy Trinity: An Episcopal School Educator Industry Award - Entertainment/The Arts

  • Maricopa County Regional School District (Ernest Rose) Educator Serving the Community Award - School District

  • The Clarion Call (Janice Liggins) Educator Serving the Community Award - Nonprofit

  • Katea Stitt, WPFW Radio Educator Industry Award - Journalism

The ceremony was a great success with performers Temika Moore, Jeho, Jenevieve Lettsome and her brother Tigor bringing in touch of elegance, class and unique flavor to the event. With many organizations represented, the evening was highlighted with the grace and talent of Pauline Rose Moore, Miss Maryland and WPFW Radio host on the red carpet and Mistress of Ceremonies for the night.

As a result of this year's event, schools have decided on their own to start forming committees for their respective districts to honor their employees and programs in the community. Next year's event is already being planned and hopeful to attract other talent and exposure from around the country.

The Educators Serving the Community Awards (a.k.a. The EduSerc Awards) is a national red carpet, black-tie ceremony & fundraiser (hosted like the Emmys or the Oscars) that honors the great educational achievements of individuals, educators, organizations and companies and promotes a positive image for educators around the globe.

In 2004, EduSerc hosted this affair at the Baltimore Convention Center as a part of the Annual High School Development Conference. It attracted more than 70 people from Michigan, Georgia, Maryland and Washington D.C. raising funds to help EduSerc continue its vision to create a community infrastructure for youth. As a result, the Atlanta/Central Georgia Affiliate was formed and EduSerc became a national organization.

Now being recognized as one of the premier events to attend for educators, EduSerc grows each year with more nominees to honor and award from around the country. Sponsors such as Choice Hotels International, Lockheed Martin, Comcast, Starbucks, State Farm Insurance and Marriott have been instrumental in the success of this event. Now as EduSerc continues to honor Educators from around the country, we are looking forward to reaching out to others around the world to recognize.

For more information about the EduSerc Awards, visit

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