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EduSerc Starts a New STEM Robotics Pipeline at Anacostia High School within DC Public Schools

Starting March 2018, EduSerc begins a new STEM Robotics Enrichment Program at Anacostia High School in Washington DC in an effort to encourage talented students to consider a career pathway in STEM. Anacostia High School is one of many schools in the District of Columbia with a strong emphasis on providing industry exposure to its students. As the school seeks to expand STEM opportunities for its students, EduSerc is honored to have been selected as the Robotics enrichment provider for Anacostia HS students (Spring 2018).

As a public school located in the Southeast quadrant of the District of Columbia and, according to DC Public School statistics, Anacostia High School's student population is predominated African American where 100% of the student body is considered economically disadvantaged. Quality academic and industry enrichment programs are important in encouraging excellence in each student's personal performance. It is through strategic offerings in pipeline development and a unique communication style with youth where EduSerc seeks to yield a successful outcome in order to foster passionate and talented STEM professionals in Anacostia.

EduSerc visited Anacostia in October 2017 to interact with youth and showcase the abilities of the organization to reach and inspire their high school population. The visit resulted in increased student interest in building electronic devices and robots through simplistic programming methods. "It is always an honor and a privilege to serve and train our future leaders, and it is our hope to continue build a strong pipeline of STEM professionals from the Anacostia area," said Brian K. Smith, Founder and CEO of EduSerc. "We plan to make a huge impact with the talented minds we met and develop additional role models in STEM."

In EduSerc's Young Innovators Chapter, students will learn how to program in the C and PBasic Language and learn about various electronic sensors such as ultrasonic sensors, infrared light, motion sensors and building circuits using resistors and capacitors. In addition, students will learn how to build a multi-functional robot that will serve many roles in making new engineering products for the school.

EduSerc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to the development and advancement of youth and adults through career and professional development. It's core function is industry pipeline and workforce development from K-12 and beyond. Through a series of customized programs in schools and partnerships with corporations and colleges in the community, EduSerc has made a nationwide impact for many years yielding success through each program it offers.

For more information to start a Young Innovators Chapter, email or visit EduSerc online at

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