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Omega U and EduSerc take to new heights in STEM with Aeronautical Engineering

Leading the charge to educate students in STEM for Prince William County in Virginia, Omega U partnered with EduSerc to create an innovative experience in STEM for middle and high school youth in the area of aeronautical engineering. Over the course of one week, students learned about the engineering process of a course of five days to develop requirements, design, build, test, and fly a model airplane from scratch. Students were successful in the end through their demonstrations of their planes at Potomac Middle School and their articulation of what engineers do for a living.

Students had a choice between two different types of planes: a FT Scout and a Versa Wing. Each plane had it's own set of challenges, but overall helped students to understand the basics of ingenuity, servo dynamics for wings and concepts of lift and drag in aerodynamics. Electrical engineers from EduSerc partnered with Omega U to host the opportunity for parents to witness their hard work on the final day of the program.

Omega U is an after-school mentoring program founded at Potomac Middle School of Dumfries Virginia in 2011. Omega U expanded the after-school program to Potomac High, Freedom High, & George Hampton Middle schools in 2016, and Henderson Elementary, Osbourne Park, and Colgan High schools in 2017. Omega U proudly serves students from 3rd grade to graduating high school seniors in and around the greater Prince William County community.

The Omega U program aims to support the Prince William County Schools in providing students A World Class Education for participating students in the greater Prince William County and surrounding areas by using 4 pillars of the program. Omega U pillars of success are built on the following:

  1. Guidance and general practice in daily application of Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift

  2. Fatherhood Initiative and mentorship to students and fathers of and around the greater Prince William County communities

  3. College readiness & career preparation

  4. Social networking and daily application of soft skills

The Omega U program provides over 25 joint programs from all participating PWC campuses to include over 50 hours of community service projects within the program. All students in PWC are welcome and encouraged to join the Omega U program. Students and parents within PWC and surrounding school districts are able to join and participate in weekend activities that include community service projects, college campus tours and lectures.

Omega U is funded by the support of the George M. Hampton non-profit Foundation and donations from community support and members of Pi Lambda Lambda of Omega Psi Phi Inc., of Dumfries Virginia. There are no costs to students and parents to participate in Omega U. Parents are highly encouraged to participate in Omega U activities when applicable as well as provide fundraiser support to the Omega U programs.

EduSerc is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development and advancement of youth and the community through its career, professional and workforce development programs. EduSerc hosts programs all over the country for summer, after-school and in-school residency targeted groups for the K-12 arena. In the adult space, EduSerc develops, designs and implements workforce and diversity initiatives for large corporations.

For more information about Omega U, visit For more information about EduSerc, visit


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