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Apply Now For Summer and Career Opportunities with EduSerc

EduSerc is looking to build a team of diverse and talented professionals interested in growing professionally, personally and technically as Industry Educators on various special projects this year! With the rise of new demands for industry projects and programs to be implemented, we are searching for talented and innovative people to join its ranks to train youth in industry skills in STEM, Culinary, Broadcast Journalism and other fields. In addition, Academic Educators are in demand for critical thinking individuals sharp in Algebra, Geometry and Algebra 2/Trigonometry.

EduSerc has become an awesome place to grow yourself personally, mentally and technically. The organization believes that "If we can teach it, we can build it!" Therefore, employees thrive to develop new and creative ideas to educate the community and encourage others team members to push the limits of their imagination! As innovators, EduSerc concentrates on inspiring students that "the answers are always all around you!" Therefore, the company supports training professionals to become positive, critical thinkers to serve as examples of how to solve any problem they are faced.

Current opportunities range from summer, part-time and full-time industry educators (or trainers) in a number of areas over the summer. Many opportunities reside in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. However, future opportunities will exist to train in cities such as Buffalo, Philadelphia and Atlanta.

If you're interested in joining our league of innovators, visit to view our ongoing opportunities.

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