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EduSerc Proudly Announces Its 2017 Annual Program Report and Newly Inducted Executive Leadership Tea

EduSerc kicks off with the promotion of its annual program impact report for 2017, with a record number of over 700 students served within a year. However with the continuation of career and industry skill development programs in various states and the start of a new industry-learning residency programs for schools, EduSerc continues to expand its base in new territory and school districts.

Although the year served as one of EduSerc's most busiest years to date, it ended with the formation of a new leadership team as well. The corporation proudly inducted a new leadership team of executives to scale its vision and CEO partners to collaborate on a pipeline development plan to achieve excellence in workforce development. Amongst other partners, six additional leaders joined with EduSerc's founder to actively secure the corporation's success in 2018 and beyond: Yolandis Rogers, Senior Finance Manager with Kellogg; Cheryl Hofmeister, Supplier Diversity Manager with Aetna; Kofi Bawauh, Education Platform Specialist with Microsoft; Deb Silcox, Partnership Development and Fundraising Campaign Manager; Lillian Holmes-Norris, Retired Homeschooling Department Chair; and Tunesha Thigpen, Prior Lead Community Development Specialist with Microsoft.

2017 Annual Program Report

EduSerc began last school year with the creation of a Green STEM Residency Program targeting an entire school with supplemental STEM programming. EduSerc implemented a hands-on learning initiative to teach students how to build fruit batteries, motors, windmills, solar heaters and even grow their own vegetables to build their very own greenhouse at their school. EduSerc’s impact was highest it had ever been serving 600 students every two weeks.

In the afternoons, EduSerc implemented an afterschool program with elementary and middle school students in STEM and Culinary. Earlier in the school year, students learned how to think critically by building an airplane out of cardboard and understand the mechanics of how to fly it by attaching a motor. In addition, they learned how to make creative desserts. What a fun and wonderful experience!

On the campus of University of Maryland, EduSerc performed training to several high school students about STEM Careers. In addition, EduSerc hosted the Annual Career and Professional Development Conference in partnership with Microsoft. This event sparked interest in careers through culinary, accounting, engineering, and many other fields. In addition, EduSerc hosted a fun business competition (Shark Tank Style) to future business leaders in the DMV.

On Saturdays in Baltimore, EduSerc implemented a Math Academy on the campus of Coppin State University for local high school students. This program opened doors for new ways to learn math from EduSerc professionals with accounting and engineering experience.

Over the summer, EduSerc continued its efforts with a Green STEM program where students built a large hydroponic system to automatically feed and grow vegetables. Students expanded on their math, communication and critical thinking abilities and yielded a successful project in the very end.

EduSerc continued to perform programs in different parts of the country. For the forth year at the University at Buffalo, EduSerc engineered an environmental rescue drone project for 60 students over 4 days. This year’s summer enrichment experience involved training students in software programming, engineering design, drone construction and flight software for use in disaster scenarios. The end result were four complete drones and an obstacle course built and programmed to simulate what can occur during a real disaster

Through the year, EduSerc developed a creative capstone STEM project and competition for the Greater Washington Boys and Girls Club. This project lasted from April through September and was an extensive journey in robotics, teamwork and leadership.

About EduSerc

EduSerc is a workforce development and industry pipeline solutions-based corporation that serves youth, families and the community through the development of career and professional development programs. Started in 1996, EduSerc implements a series of services for schools, families and corporations such as customized after-school programs, summer enrichment experiences and academic enrichment programs.

For more information about EduSerc, visit

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