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Register Now for the The Annual Career and Professional Development Conference in April 2017 Hosted

EduSerc ACPDC 2017

On April 6 - 7, 2017 from 10am - 3pm in partnership with Microsoft, EduSerc will be hosting a dynamic event centered around training youth, college students and industry professionals to be prepared for the workforce and entrepreneurship. In addition, this event will provide a showcase of information about new industry-based programs schools can incorporate for the upcoming school year.

The Annual Career and Professional Development Conference ( has been hosted since 2003 by EduSerc and has served as a one of the Washington D.C. and Baltimore Corridor's best events to train students how to be successful in the workplace. Schools send their students to learn from industry professionals on strategies to gain employment and ways to navigate their potential career field in either Engineering, Culinary, Finance, Business, and Information Technology.

But that's not only it. One-on-One Networking Sessions serve as the most talked about aspect of this event, where participants talk candidly with industry professionals about hiring, college and life decisions to become successful. In the afternoon on the second day, students have an opportunity to showcase their innovative skills through competitions hosted by various corporations. Students do not have to be fully prepared, but mainly skilled enough to showcase their critical thinking skills to solve any problem in a number of fields.

For teachers and educators, this event is ideal for communication and training development in the classroom. Schools send their staff to these sessions to learn how to make their content relevant to today's standards in the workplace. Teachers will gain experience with the latest Microsoft technology, while meeting professionals from some of the top companies in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore area.

Microsoft is the major sponsor for this event and will be hosting the event at the Microsoft Mid-Atlantic Conference Center in Chevy Chase, MD. Schools interested in attending should visit the website and register to ensure slots for their students to receive industry training. More information is fond at

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