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The Inspiration and Story Behind the EduSerc Awards Ceremony

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The original idea behind the award show came from Brian's passion to recognize people for the great sacrifice they've made toward helping others succeed.  However, Brian's testimony began with one person that showed him what love could do with limited education...his mother Daisy L. Smith (RIP).

As the second youngest of thirteen children, Daisy grew up on a farm in Emporia, VA with the mentality that family always helped family and that failure can never be an option when you have the will to succeed.  In addition to only having a high school education, her background of making meals from scratch, growing flowers and vegetables in the fields and communicating with people helped her to succeed.  She later moved to the DC area, married and had three children, where Brian was the youngest.

Growing up had both its great and challenging times, even when it became common at times to come home from school to no electricity or no running water if the bills couldn't be paid.  But Daisy kept her faith, taking her kids to church and having them help their father in his electronics shop. Some things took more of a difficult turn when Brian's parents divorced, as it was finalized on Feb 14th (Valentines day) in his freshman year of high school.

As Brian witnessed the emotional impact on his mother alone at home, he also experienced how much her love for her children surpassed her educational challenges to help her kids as she pushed to find a way to put her kids through college.  As she searched for scholarships, Brian began to concentrate more on his academics to excel and artistic abilities in music, poetry, drawing, dancing and rapping in contest on the radio and at various venues to express himself in order to make his mother and community proud of him.  With his mother's guidance, this led Brian to serving as his class president, participating in several after school and extra-curricula activities and receiving 13 scholarships to go to college to become an Electrical Engineer.

But if there was one thing he received from his mother's hard work was to never let a lack of income stop you from pursuing a goal God designed for you to achieve.  This innovative and giving spirit was passed onto Brian and displayed in his efforts through the programs he created throughout the years.  So after he was able to perform his first conference for the community in 2003, he began to thank people that displayed the type of passion and perseverance to serve their community that people like his mother displayed and other people that served as educators. Shortly thereafter, the Educators Serving the Community Awards was born.

Ever since 2004 and whenever feasible, Brian has been dedicating his time to recognize the efforts of those he's met and helping them gain the exposure they deserve.  His mother was there every step of the way to support at each ceremony; until 2008 one year after finally retiring from her job, she passed away from cancer. 


Since then, Brian continues to seek quality programs and educational efforts from all demographics to this very day.  The meaning behind this ceremony helps to serve as a reminder that education is only as valuable as the benefits you yield from it.  It takes a lot to put on an effort to honor great unsung heroes of the community that inspire education and teachers aren't the only ones that put in the time.  This is why the ceremony honors not only educators by profession, but individual people, nonprofits, corporations and others that have a true heart to yield success through their educational efforts.  This is true meaning behind the Educators Serving the Community Awards.

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