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Saturday, October 16, 2021

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Nomination Registration for the EduSerc Awards

To participate in the ceremony as a potential nominee at the EduSerc Awards, you must officially register yourself and your program/activity as a global member in the worldwide group of educators and organizations that are known as "Educators Serving the Community" on this site.



Why is there a nomination registration fee?...and shouldn't we honor anyone or entity that contributes to the community?

This ceremony allows the public to identify successful program efforts that they feel make a real difference in the community.  Therefore, anyone or any entity that registers will become a part of our mission to invest in solutions to sustain these great programs voted on by the community. 


Click here to view the special project EduSerc is developing to provide continual funding for programs in the community.

Annual Nomination Registration / Global EduSerc Awards Membership

  • $50 - Individual (Teacher, Educator, Trainer, Principal, Counselor, Professor, Tutor, Mentor, Industry Professional)

  • $150 - School / Nonprofit Organization / Military-Based Organization

  • $200 - School System

  • $250 - College/University

  • $300 - Government Agency

  • $350 - Corporation/Small Business


Benefits of Nomination Registration/Annual Membership

The Educators Serving the Community Awards

Benefits of becoming a member are as follows:

  • Official registration as an “Educator Serving the Community”

  • Worldwide visibility and registration among all educational initiatives

  • Ability to add / showcase your programs, educational impact for awards nomination, voting and fundraising opportunities

  • Includes access to Search Entire Database, Nominate, Vote and Donate

  • Opportunity to raise funds for your program and/or educational activity

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