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The Educators Serving The Community Awards (a.k.a The EduSerc Awards ...pronounced “ej’-u-serk”) is the first red carpet, black tie affair that honors educators in our country for their excellence in education, community service, and advancements in the community.  This awards ceremony is designed to improve the image of educators and highlight the value of education in the United States.  It is a valiant effort to place emphasis on the important things in our community like education.  As a result, our hope is that more citizens will be encouraged to dedicate their lives to education and improving the quality of life in their communities.


In 2004,  EduSerc hosted this affair at the Baltimore Convention Center as a part of the Annual High School Development Conference.  It attracted more than 70 people from  Michigan, Georgia, Maryland and Washington D.C. raising funds to help EduSerc continue its vision to create a community infrastructure for youth.  As a result, the Atlanta/Central Georgia Affiliate was formed and EduSerc became a national organization.


Now being  recognized as one of the premier events to attend for educators, EduSerc grows each year with more nominees to honor and award from around the country.  Sponsors such as Choice Hotels International, Lockheed Martin, Comcast, Startbucks, State Farm Insurance and Marriott have been instrumental in the success of this event.  Now as we continue to honor Educators from around the country, we are looking forward to reaching out to others around the world to recognize.



This event is a fundraiser to help EduSerc provide career & professional development resources to young people around the country.  EduSerc has a dynamic model of excellence perfected over 7 years to ensure quality and success in the community.  Visit the main web site to view all of EduSerc’s programs and conferences at  EduSerc is a 501(c)(3) organization and contributions are tax-deductible.

Award Statue

The awards given at this event are on the same level as other professional awards ceremonies (i.e. Emmys, Oscars).  EduSerc believes educators deserve the respect, accolades, and recognition we give to musicians, entertainers, and others in our  country.  Standing 13 inches tall, the EduSerc Award is a prestigious honor and  statue of solid elegance.

Opened in 1924 as the Earle Theatre, this luxurious facility has been the home to many featured films and guest performers such as Red Skeleton and Jerry Lewis.  Owned and named after one of the Hollywood's Warner Brothers (Harry Warner), the theatre has attracted the likes of Frank Sinatra, Shirley MacLaine to perform over the years and continues to host a large list of celebrities and musical groups.  


The Warner Theatre has over 1800 seats in capacity and serves as one of Washington D.C.'s most famed institutions for musical, theatrical, dance and television presentations.


Click here to visit the Warner Theatre Website

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