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The EduSerc Convention Center

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RFPs / Vendor Registration

Request for Proposals (RFP)

When an opportunity arises, the ECC will post Request for Proposals (RFP) or Request for Information (RFI) on this site.  It is recommended to sign-up to be a potential vendor to receive announcements.  Vendor Registration is required to receive copies of RFPs/RFIs.  For general questions, click here to submit your question.



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Vendor Registration


A Project of Community Support


The mission of the EduSerc Convention Center (ECC) is to provide an advanced facility for industry traning and interactive learning for the whole community.


With the support of over 26 major companies and various local nonprofits, the ECC Project will be the new way to serve the community.  Your support is essential to ensuring the viability of many local efforts that serve youth in the Baltimore - Washington D.C. corridor and beyond.


Pledge Your Support

Join us by pledging your support to complete a facility that will serve as a new paradigm for community service.  Imagine a place where educators, youth, nonprofits and businesses can grow, learn and invest in their career and professional development initiatives.  Imagine a facility that breaks down barriers for finding a location to host training and educational activities.  Imagine a place where all proceeds benefit youth-based programs in the community.