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25th Anniversary Project
Serving the community since 1996

In 1996, EduSerc had a vision to build a place where education could be re-defined as a self-sustainable, innovative industry that re-defines how to approach industry development for the community.  EduSerc is now closer to that dream more than ever with the instantiation of our very own campus for our fellow nonprofit and business partners to serve the community.


Known as the EduSerc Convention Center (ECC), this facility will host up to 1000 individuals, be centrally located in the Washington DC/Baltimore/Northern Virginia corridor in the heart of Laurel, MD and will serve as this area’s newest innovative center for activities, galas, trainings, product simulations, video productions and events designed to benefit educational and workforce development initiatives.


This project serves as not only a great resource for career and professional development, but a great model for support to other members of the community.


Benefits of this Project

  • Workforce Development Focused

  • Affordable and Valuable (Free WiFi, Free Parking)

  • Convenient and Local

  • Access to Industry Resources for the Community

  • Professional and Community Friendly


Target Goal in Contributions: $3,000,000

About the Project


...OR Mail Your Contribution:
(Made payable to EduSerc)

c/o ECC Project
P.O. 2536
Laurel, MD 20709

Or Visit our GoFundMe Page at

Funds Raised (In-Kind Support/Mailed Contributions):
Pending Monetary Support:   $500,000 (matched support once we reach our goal)

In-Kind:  $30,000 (Home Depot)
Crowd Funding: $4,925 (noted above to the right & GoFundme & Mailed)

The 20 Year History Behind the Making of this Project

This project has been a long awaited dream inside the heart of one young man that has dedicated his time, energy and resources to serving God through the gifts he was given:  Innovation.  Ever since high school, Brian K. Smith has been donating his time to help others when he realized his community that didn't have access to the various opportunities.  He graduated from high school with 13 scholarships, received his engineering degree, developed his leadership skills through many after-school and nonprofit programs.  Ever since, he has been growing an initiative that has impacted people around the country.  When God gave him this vision, he started this organization and named it after very people that helped him become the person he is today:  Educators Serving the Community. 


With so much passion in his heart to serve others, Brian used his engineering talents to teach himself how to do all of the things you see today... from videos, photography, engineering kits, film making, curriculums, books, marketing material, proposals, graphics, and down to this very website itself.  With programs that have reached in over 7 states, his organization has reached over 3500+ students and counting.  Brian truly embodies the meaning of what it takes to be an innovator, as he never let the lack of education stop the purpose God placed in his heart:  to serve the community.


This project is way much more than a building  It also serves as the ultimate challenge in innovation to showcase what it takes to reach your dream...commitment.

EduSerc Promotional Video

An Affordable, Membership-Based Facility*

Through membership, you will gain access to renting meeting and training space with an all-inclusive experience.  With the organization's history in training in indusry development, this facility will include special resources to enhance the educational experience for programs and activities.


EduSerc designed this facility to provide a high quality experience that even a local community-based organization can afford.


A sample list of benefits of this facility:

  • Convenient to shopping, restaurants, hotels and local transportation

  • Located off I-95 on Route 1 (near the ICC 200)

  • Business Simulation Center / Retail Spaces

  • Community friendly to nonprofits, schools and small businesses

  • A technology-based center designed to promote career, professional and workforce development activities.


*Membership is required to utilize this facility


Self-Sustaining Community Programs

Once this project is complete, schools, families and other community organizations associated as EduSerc members can benefit from donations, resources and free programs hosted at this facility throughout the year.  Our focus is to leverage our activitites to promote the development of our youth and community as a whole.


Ways to Pledge Your Support

Contribute your support and help us build industry pipelines for the community through our programs:


The Ideal Convention / Retail / Cafe / Office & Home for Innovative Events
The perfect home for creative ideas for nonprofits and the entire community


A Project of Community Support


The mission of the EduSerc Convention Center (ECC) is to provide an advanced facility for industry traning and interactive learning for the whole community.


With the support of over 26 major companies and various local nonprofits, the ECC Project will be the new way to serve the community.  Your support is essential to ensuring the viability of many local efforts that serve youth in the Baltimore - Washington D.C. corridor and beyond.


Pledge Your Support

Join us by pledging your support to complete a facility that will serve as a new paradigm for community service.  Imagine a place where educators, youth, nonprofits and businesses can grow, learn and invest in their career and professional development initiatives.  Imagine a facility that breaks down barriers for finding a location to host training and educational activities.  Imagine a place where all proceeds benefit youth-based programs in the community.


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