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The EduSerc Convention Center

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Become a Supporter


Your support is essential to bring a dream to life.  A dream that helps the community gain access to resources that otherwise would not be available from other collaborative efforts.


Join our list of supporters by submitting a letter of support or pledge of monetary support to this project.


Below is a sample list of supporters of this project:


  • Microsoft

  • Home Depot

  • TD Bank

  • Delegate Pena Melynk

  • MIL Corporation

  • Northrop Grumman

  • Association of Black Psychologists

  • Maxser Group

  • Vision Accomplished

  • Parker Associates Global

  • Maroon Life Learning

  • Placement Ready

  • Program Management, Wisconsin Dept. of Tranportation

  • Sacred Writings

  • Empowered Village Training & Resources