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April 11, 2024

11am - 5pm

Hosted and Sponsored by

Mid-Atlantic Arlington - Commonwealth Tower

1300 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA 22209

Theme:  Finding The Top 100 Most Innovative

As we venture into a competitive world, there must be something that sets us apart from the rest.  That something is called INNOVATION.


EduSerc strives to find the best and brightest people to serve as innovative leaders for any and every business. 


The benefits of being selected as one of the top 100 are as follows:



  • Student profile is showcased in our Top 100 Most Innovative list and newsletter to over 1000+ companies in the area for jobs, scholarships or internship opportunities.

  • FREE admission to the conference.

  • Job shadowing experience provided by one of EduSerc's sponsors, mentors or corporate members in the particular industry.

  • Opportunity to be entered for a $500 scholarship for college (seniors only)


How To Become One of the Top 100 and attend the conference FREE*


  1. Register for the convention.  Download and complete and turn in the ACPDC Registration Form

    Submit the following with your registration form

    1. High School Transcript or Report Card indicating (3.0 GPA Cumulative – by 2nd quarter) or a letter from the Principal or Guidance Counselor certifying your GPA.

    2. Letter of Student Innovation (250 words):  A brief statement from the student that addresses the following:
        1) What is innovation to you and what are your innovative talents?... and
        2) Discuss a situation and/or describe a project you’ve completed that has showcased
            your innovative talents.


NOTE:  Onsite at the conference, each participant is required to participate in one of the competitions held at the event on Thursday.   

Corporate Sponsors

The Home Depot
Giant Food
7 Eleven
Navy Federal Credit Union
The MIL Corporation
Panera Bread
XP Laser Sport
Northrop Grumman
Harris Teeter
Stratford University
Nando's Peri-Peri
Costco Wholesale
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