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Build a Pipeline

The Workforce Pipeline Development Council (WPDC) is a network of corporate, academic and community stakeholders that develops and implements sustainable solutions to build industry pipelines of quality, diverse candidates.


The major benefit of the WPDC pipeline is guaranteed education and work experience for those individuals (youth or adult) sponsored or selected to serve as pipeline members in the model.  In addition, the WPDC works to predict, identify and recruit suitable candidates for any workforce initiative.


The Four (4) Functions of the WPDC are as follows:


  • Identify   >     Select potential talent for future training and opportunities

  • Train       >     Prepare rovide industry training career and professional growth

  • Mentor  >     network of future industry professionals

  • Promote    >    Employ and advance talent for success in a given industry

The Workforce Pipeline Development Council (WPDC)

Workforce Innovators Services

Workforce Innovators  identifies talented candidates and helps to increase the bottom line of every corporation.  By investing in membership with the WPDC, your pipeline is built into your involvement.


Workforce Innovators provides:

  • Quality Candidates:  A pool of great talent

  • Return on Investment:  Savings on recruitment cost

  • Industry Pipeline:  A short and long-term recruitment pipeline for your organization

How Does It Work?

STEP 1:    Join the WPDC

STEP 2:    Select a number of candidates for your pipeline

STEP 3:    Collaborate with the WPDC to host training events and provide workforce benefits for candidates


Annually, the WPDC will identify, train and prepare a select number of candidates for short and long-term opportunities within your organization.

Corporate Sponsors

The Home Depot
Giant Food
7 Eleven
Navy Federal Credit Union
The MIL Corporation
Panera Bread
XP Laser Sport
Northrop Grumman
Harris Teeter
Stratford University
Nando's Peri-Peri
Costco Wholesale
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