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(EduSerc Media Archive: 1996 - Present Day)

EduSerc Broadcast Network

EduSerc YouTube Playlist
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The EduSerc Broadcast Network (EBN) covers all of EduSerc's programs that span across the country and showcases the impact on a number of youth, adults, schools and corporations. 


EBN publishes its impact through the following mediums:

  • Magazines

  • News Papers

  • Television

  • Social Media (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook)

  • Online Training


View our history, impact and results in a number of areas.


ACPDC Virtual Presenters 2020

ACPDC Virtual Presenters 2020

ACPDC Virtual Presenters 2020
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Yolandis Rogers - Career and Professional Advice (Finance)

Yolandis Rogers - Career and Professional Advice (Finance)

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Devin Canaday - Career and Professional Advice (Engineering)

Devin Canaday - Career and Professional Advice (Engineering)

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EBN Photos / Pictures
(Archive: 2003 - 2011)

EBN Promotionals Videos

(Archives: 2003 - 2011)

These series of EduSerc videos tell the stories of the organization's journey through several summer programs, after-school projects, internship programs and corporate training and consulting collaborations with several corporations.


EduSerc staff and students create, produce and edit about nearly 98% of the videos hosted on our site.  Each video tells the story about the impact EduSerc has made on various levels.


Industry Pipeline in Media / Broadcast Production

Every time EduSerc hosts a program, it becomes a media production when it comes to documenting the impact.  Every program is either photographed or videotaped to be compiled into a feature presentation.


The organization's homegrown expertise in this area has launched a number of video production efforts, from after-school programs in Culinary Arts TV shows to a special movie made by middle school students about friends and their enemies (Frenemies). 



EBN Press Releases

(Archives: 1996 - Present)

Online Training Videos

(Coming 2016)

When EduSerc began in 1996, it didn't digitally record its impact since it was focused on the strategic development of its mission for the first seven years.  Within that time, volunteers traveled out to schools during their lunch break and trained students on career and professional development skills.  Many volunteers were apart of the organization from corporations such as the Gannett Company who owns Channel 9 News in Washington DC, brain surgeons from Howard University, salesman from Saturn Car Dealership and journalists from the Washington Post. 


However, it wasn't until EduSerc expaned its staff in 2003 and began to tell its story through film and photos.  The investment in camera equipment to show our inspirational journey was equally important as the investment in computers to train youth. 


Now, EduSerc has mastered the art of storytelling and capturing the essence of what serving the community is all about with oever 4 terabytes of photos and videos (still not all up on the web).  As the organization celebrates its 20th year, all content will showcase the true impact of the organization.



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