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A National Industry Pipeline Initiative



The Process - IPLD Program Enrollment Application
Deadline:  Friday, January 26, 2024

Before you begin the application:

STEP 1:  Letter of Recommendation
Have your Counselor or Teacher complete the following form online in regards to a letter of recommendation for you.  This is due by January 26, 2024.  

STEP 2:  Complete the Online Application Below:
a) Parent and Student Required To Complete  
This application requires both student and parent to complete the application.  Please make sure to complete it at the same time on this page.

b) School Transcript Required (Fall 2023 school year)

You may upload your transcript with this application, but you may also mail it to EduSerc P.O. Box 2536, Laurel, MD 20709.

STEP 3)  Online Applicant Video Interview
Once the information is completed below and you click submit your application, the student will be taken to a screen to record an online application video interview for the program. 

We will ask a few basic questions on camera about who are your role models, your points of view on leadership, and why you want to become apart of this leadership program. 

You will have the opportunity to re-record your answers if necessary.

NOTE:  Remember, if you are accepted into the program, you will receive a link to pay the $250 spring activity fee will be due before the first session to cover shirts, materials, meals, convention meals and local transportation costs for industry field trips for the year.

Ready?...You can begin below!!!!

Connecting Online
Young Man

IPLD Program Enrollment Application

Industry Pipeline Leadership Development Program Application

Student Information

Upload File

Parent Information

*** Recording Your Applicant Video Interview After You Submit ***

After you click the button below, you will be directed to record your online application video interview for this leadership program.  This is for the student only. We will ask a few questions and you must record them using the website.  You will have the opportunity to stop, replay and re-record your answers on the screens if you like, but you must finish this interview directly after you click the link below.  

NOTE:  If you want to come back later, please visit the link at , however you application is not complete until your online interview is complete.

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