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About the Founder

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As one of our nation’s most innovative & dynamic activist for youth and education, Brian K. Smith utilizes all of his God-given talents to create an awards ceremony that honors the catalyst for growth in our country...educators!


Pioneering a new movement to improve the quality of life is Smith’s passion and life’s purpose.  With such an undertaking, anyone would agree that it takes a lot of skills & faith to stay committed.  However for the multi-talented Smith, it seems to come natural.


Smith’s talents and experiences are far more than average.  His life has taken him on a path of excelling in many mediums in such a short time:  electrical engineering, information technology, web design, organization & community leadership, teaching, tutoring, mentoring, modeling, poetry, music, graphic design,video production, the arts, public speaking, personal & professional coaching, program development, and the list continues.

For most of the things Smith has done, he never really had a budget.  He always goes on his faith in God to see him through to serve the community.  Being humble and grateful for his successes, he dedicates any time and resource he has to 'serve the community' around him.  Therefore, he named the organization after those that did the same for him growing up...Educators Serving the Community.


Brian speaking at the EduSerc Awards

Brian speaking at the EduSerc Awards

Brian giving thanks to his mother, who never went to college, for serving as his inspiration for dedicating her life to ensuring her kids went to college and made a difference in society.

Training STEM to middle school kids

Training STEM to middle school kids

To address the shortage of students pursuing STEM, Brian has made time for the past 20 years to design STEM curriculums and offers the training to schools while trying to run an IT and engineering company at the same time.

Serving as a role model and mentor

Serving as a role model and mentor

To expose over 500 elementary students to their first experience with an engineer, Brian dedicated one morning a week for a whole school year to build a STEM project in hydroponic farming.

Started honoring educators in 2004

Started honoring educators in 2004

With just a laptop, a computer monitor, a DVD player, a few student volunteers and a remote control in his hand behind stage the entire time to control all music and videos he edited himself , Brian created the first awards show in 2004. He never let the lack of money stop him for hosting this event to honoring people who are usually forgotten.

Teaching Culinary Arts and Business

Teaching Culinary Arts and Business

Brian recruits industry professionals to run EduSerc's programs. But when they aren't available, he steps in as a Certified Food Handler and teachers culinary arts and business to students for a few hours weekly after school.

Teaches concepts to understand Math

Teaches concepts to understand Math

In response to low math scores and academic challenges in teaching Baltimore City high school youth, Brian devotes one day a week as a guest engineer to help students clearly understand Algebra and Geometry. These efforts are sustained through a Saturday Math Academy he created for the students.

A key ingredient to Smith’s success has been his unique gift to adapt to any industry and teach himself in a short amount of time to become exceptionally proficient and articulate in it.  Many of his abilities are natural, not developed.  But with the added combination of passion and purpose, Smith hasn’t let too many things stop him from reaching his goal to implement a new paradigm to change the face of education.


As a practicing engineer, Smith also is the owner of two IT and engineering consulting firms that focuses on database, software and networking engineering.  Smith has received numerous awards for his community leadership, technical solutions to the government and over 13 scholarships.  Smith graduated from the University of Maryland College Park with his degree in Electrical Engineering and worked for prestigious organizations such IBM, GE, Motorola and Sybase. 


Smith’s passion was discovered as a 10th grader when his geometry teacher gave him an opportunity to teach the class on concepts that no one else understood.  This opportunity began Smith dedicating his discretionary time to teach his classmates how to pass their classes.  After serving as class president and graduating from high school, Smith came back to the school to teach the rising seniors how to receive all of the scholarships he had earned. 


Now many years later, Smith’s efforts are conceptualized in an organization supported by top corporations such as Lockheed Martin, Comcast and Southwest Airlines.  He has managed youth conferences since 2003 that stem far from ordinary, as he teaches students how to visualize their dreams by giving them professional experience at his venues.  Smith’s dream is to fulfill God’s purpose in his create a mechanism that will help people develop goals to reach their dreams.

The origin of this event began in 2004 when a native of Temple Hills, MD (Brian K. Smith) wanted to find a way to show the appreciation he had for his mother and others that helped him believe in himself throughout his years. 

But the story behind why Brian is passionate about helping others and why he sacrifices a lot to dedicate his life to this goes far beyond a golden statue and some nice talking points about education. 



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