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STEM Pipeline Leadership
Summer Program

(Beginner - Intermediate Skill Level)

Download:         Letter of Recommendation Request Form


This summer in our industry pipeline program in STEM, EduSerc will teach students how to build a hydroponic garden and make it automated for use by various schools, businesses or any entity that would like to sponsor a garden for their local community.  This program seeks to identify and train students that have demonstrated their potential to enter into a STEM field.

Students will learn about the following in their classes:

  • Gardening:  how to plant and grow vegetables

  • Robotics/Motors:  how to make soil pots, pumps and racks move automatically based upon ph levels in water and other environmental conditions

  • Hydroponics: how to make a nutrient filtering treatment system to recycle water to feed vegetables

  • Software Programming:  how to write code to interact with the vegetables to water and feed them nutrients as needed and show it online via a web page

  • Solar energy:  how to utilize solar energy to power various aspects of our garden from motors to fans

Outcome:  Students will produce a large kit that schools can use to build their hydroponic gardens.

Pipeline Focus (Intermediate):

  • 20% - Industry Exposure

  • 60% - Skill Development

  • 20% - Project-Based Learning


  • Must be either a rising 6th - 12th grader

  • Must have expressed strong interest in STEM and/or participated in a STEM activity previously (Letter of Recommendation Required.  Download the following form, complete and submit with application by June 1st.)

    Download:         Letter of Recommendation Request Form

NOTE:  This camp is not for students that have not expressed an interested in STEM and/or does not want to work in a group to complete a team project.  Students are required to use their math skills to be successful in this program.

Non-Refundable Application Fee:  $75

After reviewing your total application and if accepted, your application fee will be applied to your total registration.  A link will be provided to you to complete your registration with the remaining payment by June 15, 2017.

Program Location - Summer :
Prince George's Community College
301 Largo Rd, Largo, MD 20774  (Room TBA)


Grade Levels (2 groups): 

 - Rising 6th - 8th Grade group
  (Industry Exposure / Skill Development)


 - Rising 9th -12th Grade group
  (Skill Development / Project-Based Learning)


Dates:  TBD 2022 (Mondays - Thursdays)

Times*:  Full Day (9am - 4pm) & Half Day (9am - 12pm)

*Early Drop-Off and Late Pickup Available


Training Schedule (Hydroponics):
Week 1 (2022 Dates TBD) :  Requirements/Design of Hydroponic Structures

Week 2 (2022 Dates TBD): Dev. of Motors, Robotics & Automated Garden

Lunch:  Students must bring their lunch daily.  Facilities may be available for purchasing lunch over the summer.

Policies/Procedures Packet:  Once registered, you will receive a policies and procedures packet that will contain media releases, medical contact and allergy information and general pickup/drop off policies.  NOTE:  Each child must be picked up on-time to avoid late fees assessed by the program.  Please plan accordingly or register for late-pickup options.


Registration Rates:

1 Week:       Full Day ($200)        Half Day  ($140)

2 Weeks:     Full Day ($380)        Half Day  ($260)

*Early Drop-Off:  $40 / week
*Late Pickup:  $80 / week


Deadline:  June 1, 2022 (Registration is non-refundable)

*Online Registration Form Below* - First Come, First Serve

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