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EduSerc History

The history of EduSerc dates back to 1996 when Brian K. Smith founded the organization in response to a vision that was given to him from God after a lot of soul searching and prayer about his purpose in life. 


His academic profile, professional experiences and personal passions in life served as the fuel to ignite Smith into a direction of community service.  At this time, Smith knew that if he could replicate his own experiences in the lives of others, they could have the potential to be successful too.  As a result, Smith started an organization named after the very short phrase that helped him describe the cores ingredients of his own personal success…Educators Serving the Community.


At that time, EduSerc was founded in Mesa, Arizona, where Smith lived and worked after he graduated college.  But later in 1997, Smith moved back to his home town of Temple Hills, MD.  In his first year, he began his proof of concept at schools local to his area.  The key phrase to Smith’s ingredient was, “Give me one hour a year and I will use that hour effectively to impact the lives of others.”  Over the course of seven years, one hour a month of career & professional development training at one school became one day a month at three schools. 


Shortly thereafter, Smith began the next phase of his vision, to unite his community at one venue every year.  With various obstacles in his way, Smith didn’t let too many things stop him from his next step.  Smith invested his own time and money from his IT company to host an event at the Baltimore Convention center called the Annual High School and Development Conference.  This event attracted over 200 participants from Washington DC and Prince George’s County, Maryland. 


Capturing the attention of the Baltimore Mayor’s administration, EduSerc received funding to continue its efforts to improve Baltimore City’s community.  This opportunity and the success of uniting communities gave EduSerc the creditably of an organization that knows how to solve problems and help people reach their dreams at the same time.  To date, EduSerc now host this event as the Annual Career and Professional Development Conference and projects to do this in major metropolitan cities.


In 2004, EduSerc started its next initiative in the form of a summer program called Young Innovators.  This concept of creating an environment for students to gain experience in various industries was a great success.  It was so successful that this summer initiative produced a publication that is now known as EduSerc’s national magazine.  Now, EduSerc hosts a variety of summer programs and leads the summer initiatives of other corporations in different parts of the county. 


EduSerc’s latest accomplishment has been the development of a national award ceremony to honor the excellence, community service and advancements of individuals and organizations.  Called the Educators Serving the Community Awards, this event has awarded over 25 educators and organizations around the country and is produced on the level of the Emmys or the Oscars.

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