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EduSerc Hosts First Math Symposium to Positively Impact Perceptions of Math in Baltimore City, Maryl

On Saturday, April 22, 2017, EduSerc will be hosting its first math symposium to create a platform for discussion and solutions to helping communities strengthen their skills in Math. This event will be held on the campus of Coppin State University and will engage students and parents from local high schools and others in the local community.

This is the first symposium from EduSerc that will be lead by an engineer teaching people how to think like an engineer to solve any type of problem in mathematics. Although many of the topics will cover Algebra and Geometry, this event will target educators, parents and students looking to change their perspective on math. This event will be operating in coordination with the Saturday Math Academy created by EduSerc for Coppin Academy High Sch

ool on the campus of Coppin State University. As an extension, students will have an opportunity to showcase what they have learned so far in regards to math-related skills for the past month in the program.

The program's architect, Brian K. Smith, is the founder of EduSerc and an practicing engineer by trade. As an entrepreneur in the field of Information Technology and Engineer, Smith is providing the community various solutions to think and produce outcomes that raise awareness in math and minimize fears that most people have of math.

"There is always more than one way to solve a math problem," says Brian when he is training students and parents in his sessions. "If you see math from an angle of difficulty, then just the way you look at things to see it from a different angle."

This event is free to attend and will cover topics such as mastery, robotics and tactics in the classroom or tutoring. All schools are invited to attend and learn different ways to receive an "A" in Math just by Smith's simple formula called "YET", which stands for "your time and effort". This event will occur every year, but will expand to hosting additional events to maximizing skill sets in families with the simple notion that Math is not hard, it is just requires patience.

The symposium will be hosted in the Health and Human Services Building - Atrium 2nd Floor with several breakouts and the following agenda:

Symposium Agenda

10:00am - Opening Forum on Mastery

10:30am - Mastery Breakouts

11:30am - Math Solutions Sessions

12:15pm - Application in Robotics 12:45pm – Closeout / Q&A

To attend this event, please visit .

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