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St. Philip the Apostle Catholic School

A National Young Innovators Industry Pipeline School



EduSerc, in partnership with GreeNEWit, designs for schools a Young Innovators Green STEM Residency Program (GSRP), where real engineers, corporate professionals and mentors develop a structured year-long industry enrichment program that occurs either weekly or bi-weekly to train an entire school on STEM concepts to solve environmental challenges. 

Aligned as an industry application component to the Common Core, EduSerc's residency program serves the whole school (i.e. students, teachers and staff) to help provide supplemental skill development, professional development and industry exposure to connect students, parents and the community with industry concepts in STEM.

Our Green STEM Residency Program concentrates on the following:

  • Industry Exposure:  Provide a formal and interactive introduction to STEM / Green Careers.

  • Skill Development:  Implement periodic training for students in technical and professional areas.

  • Project-Based Learning:   Orchestrated by industry professionals in STEM fields, host a semester or yearlong STEM project for the school to reinforce leadership and teamwork in academics.

  • Industry Applications:  Host real engineers to build a real GREEN technological solution for your school that will be designed, implemented and lead thru by the bi-weekly in-class instruction of engineers.

  • Personal/Professional Development:  Embedded resume-building experiences and leveraged training for students, teachers and staff.


About the St. Philip the Apostle
A National Young Innovators Industry Pipeline School

Young Innovators Green STEM Residency Schools


  • St. Philip the Apostle Catholic School (Camp Springs)

  • Sherwood Elementary (Sandy Spring)

Turn Your School Into an Industry Pipeline School

About Green STEM Residency Programs

The Hydroponic Garden
2016-2017 Young Innovators Green STEM Project



This year, schools are learning various environmental, agriculture, and engineering concepts to build a self-sustaining Hydroponic Garden that will provide a constant supply of food for the school and community.

EduSerc's curriculum concentrates on the following:

  • Energy, Environment and Electricity

  • Solar Power and Energy Storage

  • Motors and Wind Power

  • Sustainable Food / Agriculture Technology

  • Hydroponics and Vertical Farming


2016-2017 Project

Program Components

The components and deliverables of the program involve the following delivery for a school:

  • School-wide industry assessments and evaluations

  • Kick-Off green environment assemblies

  • Weekly/bi-weekly STEM training for students (in the classroom) for an entire school year (October - April)

  • Culminating STEM fair and presentation for the community (May)

  • School Innovative Product:  A sustainable technological solution for use by the school (each year the project may change).


Program Components

Benefits of Becoming a Green STEM Residency School

There are so many benefits of starting a pilot program at your school.  Below is a short list of benefits:

  • No Child is Left Behind:  Everyone receives STEM training in their classrooms (i.e. students, special needs, etc.)

  • Aligned with Standards:  Common core alignment or connection with public and private school academic outlines.

  • No Training for Teachers:  Trained professionals teach the students from EduSerc/GreeNEWit.

  • Improves School's Image:  Enhancement of the school's value and gives parents more of a reason to send their child to your school.

  • PD Budget Saved:  Saving on cost to train teachers.

  • Pipeline Tracking:  EduSerc industry assessments for pipeline tracking for future jobs, internships and program referrals.

  • Greater Impact:  Increases the impact to the number of students in comparison to after-school programs with 10 - 30 students potentially.

  • Deliverables:  Schools receive multiple deliverables throughout the year and a final sustainable, engineered product made by the school and EduSerc engineers.

  • No materials needed:  EduSerc / GreeNEWit brings all engineering materials and supplies. 

  • Low Cost:  Minimal cost structure to implement with high value to the school, parents and students.

  • Multi-lingual / Diverse Staff:  Our staff are multi-lingual, diverse and serve as a representation of the diverse world in STEM



Agriculture and Environmental Learning at its Best

EduSerc teaches students how to grow and farm in the classroom with our Green STEM Residency Programs

Maryland:  Slots Still Available for Pilot Programs in 2016-2017.

We have room a few more pilot programs this year.  If you are interested in starting a program at your school starting in January 2017 - April 2017, contact our office at (301) 498-2899 or send us a note to

Nationwide Open Enrollment for the 2017-2018 Academic Year
(Opens Dec 1, 2016)

Each year, 5 schools per metropolitan area will be eligible to become pilot schools for ongoing Green STEM Residency Programs by EduSerc.  You can sign-up now for next year's roll-out, but do not hesitate! 


  • Public Schools (K-12)

  • Private Schools

  • Specialty Groups (ages 5 through 18)

How to Sign-Up - 2017-2018 School Pilot Registration

STEP 1:  Express Interest:  Complete the form to your right to indicate you would like to host a program either this year or next school year. 

STEP 2:  National Young Innovators Industry Pipeline School Registration - $500

  • Due when you are invited to sign-up officially on December 1, 2016 - March 31, 2017.

  • Slots are first come, first serve.  5 schools per metropolitan area.

  • Forms will be available online December 1, 2016 or sooner.

STEP 3:  Student Registration - $35 per student per month for the year

  • Full school registration is required (Months: Oct – May). 

  • Includes project materials, engineers/industry professionals and time with school to implement the program.

  • Due quarterly  July 15th, October 15th, January 15th, April 15th

Email or Call us at (301) 498-2899.


Start a Pilot Program and Become a Green STEM Residency School

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