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Thursday, July 31, 2014 

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Corporate Sponsors
Northrop Grumman
The MIL Corporation
Navy Federal Credit Union
Top Dollar Pawn
TD Bank
Wells Fargo
The MIL Corporation
NBC Universal
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Bank of America

Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity
City Dance Conservatory
Getting There for Him
Marcus Young
National Capitol Area Choir
Prince George's County School System
Seneca Valley High School Chamber Choir
Trade Prep
University of Illinois - Chicago
University of Maryland Baltimore County
Univesity of Buffalo-SUNY
Urban Video Gaming Academy
WHUR 96.3
WJZ-Baltimore (Gigi Barnett)


EduSerc (pronounced ej’-u-serk) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the development and advancement of youth, adults and the community. Our focus is to provide innovative, educational and comprehensive solutions that better serve the community as a whole. 


Our primary method of serving the community is through the following areas:

  • Career and Professional Development Programs
  • Community Resource Management Services
  • Workforce Development Solutions
  • Industry Promotion & Enhancement


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Broadcast Network Media


2011 EduSerc Awards - Red Carpet
View the red carpet photos and awardees from the 2011 EduSerc Awards

2011 EduSerc Awards - Show Premier
View the clips and pictures from the 2011 EduSerc Awards Show

2010 Young Innovators Summer Finales
View pictures from the EduSerc finales of the culinary and engineering program
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Industry Training After-School Program
Videos from our after-school programs that reinforce academics through industry training

2011 EduSerc Awards Promo
Promo video for the 2011 EduSerc Awards

2010 WORTHY Enrichment
EduSerc STEM efforts in disaster recovery with Northrop Grumman WORTHY Program
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Sponsor Highlight

April 2013 / 2014
Microsoft hosts and sponsors EduSerc’s convention in Chevy Chase, MD 

April 2013 / 2014
The MIL Corporation becomes Bronze sponsor of $5000 toward the EduSerc Convention

Recent News

Students Replicate Themselves as 3D Characters at EduSerc Convention Hosted by Microsoft

Students Build Home Security System in EduSerc's 21st Century Community Learning Center

Parents and Students Apply Math Concepts at EduSerc's Family Game Nights (1st Friday)

EduSerc Trains Students How To Fly Airplanes and Learn Aeronautics at CCBC

EduSerc Provides Free Training in Movie Making with Microsoft

Students Build Spy Robots after Field Trip to NSA

Brian K. Smith, Executive Director of EduSerc, Graduates from Leadership Maryland - Class of 2013

Students Explore Software Design through Video Gaming w/ Microsoft's Xbox One

UNESCO Center for Peace In Collaboration with EduSerc Seeks Youth Nationwide To Provide Innovative Solutions in Africa

Brian K. Smith Newly Appointed as UNESCO Center for Peace Goodwill Ambassador for Education

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Workforce Innovators

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The EduSerc Awards



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